Born on Earth about 3.5 billion years ago organic life has gone through multiple changes of external conditions and forms, before formed the modern us natural-climatic complex.


In the Northern pribalkhash he is unique in that it is a junction of the areas such as steppe, coastal, mountainous, semi-desert, with a predominance of the latter. the Northern pribalkhash - rocky semi-deserts with domination of squat saltworts and spines, steppe birds of prey, wolves, foxes, Korsakov, and stalking on rodents, hares - Sandstone. Once numerous saiga antelopes and gazelles, roes are protected by law.


Bektauata - the favourite place of rest, there are the children's health camps and a zone of rest of workers. Of the 1,200 hectares of the total area of the steppe oasis of 500 hectares occupies zoobotanical reserve.


In the center of the exposition "Plants and animals of the ili-Balkhash basin, listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan" a contour map of the lake, which determines the natural-climatic background on the square in half a million square kilometers, and биогруппа "Lake zavodi", which unites the inhabitants of the coast of lake Balkhash.