The exhibition complex of the hall of archeology and ancient history of the "Faces of the ancestors", consists of 7 sections. This ensemble, the exposition presents a kind of "оживающую picture", which plays the fragments of history and traces the changes anthropological origin, elements of material and spiritual ethnic culture of the ancestors of the Kazakhs of the epoch of bronze, iron and middle ages. Colours and combination of different plane plans gives volume and creates the visual effect of the expansion of space, and a contrast-the subject form allows to send the visitor of the idea of the richness and diversity of our history. Attention and interest in the exposition "the Rock carvings of the Northern Balkhash and the material culture of the Palaeolithic and Neolithic times", where presented as the original fragments of rocks with petroglyphs, and copies of, filled with oil, ink, watercolor. It is the result of joint work of the staff of the Museum and scientific employees of the cities of Moscow, Leningrad, Almaty. This exhibition is a business card and the main asset of the Museum.