In the first quarter of 2012. completed the planned research and survey work on the theme: «D.A. Da Kunayev: Balkhash - the city of my youth», devoted to the initial stage of labour biography of the outstanding statesman of the Soviet of Kazakhstan, Dr. A. Kunaev, which coincided with the construction of БГМК, one of the Grand projects of the Soviet industrialization. In the process of collecting the materials the author of this scientific work met with the old lake Balkhash, contemporaries D.A. Kunaeva: historian-student of local lore К.Ы. Сардарбек, a veteran of the health STATE. Ахметовой, etc. As well as for the writing of this research have been studied materials stored in the city archives, funds of the Museum (historical information, newspaper publications 1930-1940-ies.), alongside with it, used autobiographical works of D. A. Kunaeva «About my time» (Alma - ATA, 1992), «From Stalin to Gorbachev» (Almaty, 1994), collection of memories associates Etc. A. Kunaeva «S Constitution ate ағасы» (Almaty, 2002), G. Tolmachev «50 meetings with the D.A. Кунаевым» (Almaty, 1997), «History of Kazakhstan» (Almaty, 1977). - educational aid, 4-5 volume of the materials of mass media, etc. In General, the work was very interesting and content, here are considered the problems of the industrial development of the region in 1930-1940-e gg., shows the personal contribution D.A. Kunaeva in the economic, social, political and cultural development of the country; in funds of the Museum complex personal D.A. Kunaeva replenished the materials gathered in the process of scientific - research works, which have a certain value in documenting the historical development of the city and find their reflection in the scientific and exhibition activities of the Museum.


In the SECOND quarter of 2012. initiated the collection of materials of scientific - research work on a theme: «Culture and sport of Balkhash town for 75 years». At this stage, completed the analysis and systematization of the materials collected, compiled the list of references of scientific papers on the subject.