Kgkp "Balkhash city historical Museum of local lore" in the year visited by 10 000 people. For the convenience of the visitors the Museum is open six days a week without a break with 9.00ч. to 18.00 h, day - off-Monday. The prices of the tickets are moderate: the cost of child ticket -50 tenge, adult - 100, tour service - 500 tenge. Children from needy families and children - orphans, invalids from childhood are serviced free of charge. Holidays (Day of Victory, the Day of older) the Museum doors are open for veterans of war and labor.

Paid services

Visitors of the Museum have the opportunity to order the group thematic excursion or the same individual, as well as VIP - excursion for the guests of the city, participants of various conferences, seminars, to produce in the halls of the Museum of photo and video cameras, to receive consultation on issues of Museum and study of local lore.

Museum Address:

100 300 Karaganda oblast, g. Balkhash, str. Ualikhanov 12. Phones: 6-59-70 (Fax), 6-59-30. Email: